The New Prokopi of Evia

The holy relic of the saint was transferred to the New Procopi of Evia in 1925 and was originally placed in the Holy Church of the village, honored in the name of Saints Constantine and Helen.

From 1930, the construction of a majestic Holy Church began in honor of the saint from the proceeds of the First Shrine and various donations and contributions. The relevant news is published in the newspaper “I MIKRASIATIKI”

Construction of the Church. Following the decision of the Ecclesiastical Committee of Prokopi, construction of the Church of Saint John the Confessor began. For the completion of the work, the Ecclesiastical Committee carries out a fundraising campaign with the permission of the Diocese and the Prefecture of Evia.

With the care of the Metropolitan Bishop of Chalkis, Gregory, and with the tireless efforts of the ecclesiastical committee, the beautiful Holy Church above was completed in 1951 and the holy relic was transferred there. A guest house was built near the Holy Church, according to the model of the one in Prokopi of Cappadocia, for the stay of the pious pilgrims. This Holy Church was inaugurated by the Metropolitan Bishop of Chalkis Nikolaos (1975), on Sunday, September 21, 1969. A relative advertisement is found in the newspaper “Evoikos Kiryx”:

Saint John the RussianSaint John the Russian

The Holy Church of Saint John the Russian when it was built and now

Religious Feast in Prokopi

The whole ceremony was broadcast on the Athens Radio Station and impressed the audience, many of whom had not attended. The procession around the Holy Church was attended by large crowds. The ceremony was recorded and kept in the Archives of the Holy Church.

Chalkis’ Nikolaos

On the central Holy Altar as well as on the other two of the chapels holy relics of Saint John and Saint Paraskevi the hosioparthenomartys (i.e. holy virgin martyr) were placed. A year earlier, during the bishopric of the late Chrysostomos (Verghis), a pronaos was added to the Holy Church, and icon-painting of the latter began. Behind the Holy Sanctuary (bema, in Greek) of the church there is a bust in honour of the late Hadzipavlos P. Melitopoulos, with his name inscribed on it, and the following dates and place names below:

X Pavlos P. Melitopoulos
1884 Prokopi of Asia Minor
1969 Prokopi of Evia