Sights of the Area

Prokopi in Northern Evia is located in an area of ​​special natural beauty and the wider area is an attraction for visitors.

The age-old Great Plane tree in Prokopi, Evia

The old plane tree is located at “Paraskevorema”, next to Kireas river.

On the road from Prokopi to Mantoudi and next to the river the sign reads “Great Platanos”. A few hundrend meters further there was standing one of the oldest plane trees in the Balkans, whose age is said to be over 2,300 years! Unfortunately, a few years ago, the plane tree fell because of ageing and extreme weather conditions.

Monastery of Saint David in Rovies, Evia

Μονή Οσίου Δαβίδ

Monastery of Saint David

The Holy Monastery of Saint David is located in Northern Evia, sixteen kilometers from the village of Rovies and 49 kilometers from the Holy Shrine of Saint John the Russian in a beautiful natural environment.

The Monastery experienced days of glory and development in the years of the Abbotship of the Blessed Archimandrite Iakovos Tsalikis (1975-1991), who left a reputation and memory of a holy man and was canonised on November 27, 2017 by the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

The Petrified Forest and the Museum of Fossil Mammals of Kerasia in Evia

Μουσείο Απολιθωμάτων Θηλαστικών Κερασιάς

Museum of Fossil Fossils of Kerasia

In between the vilages of Kerasia, Agia Anna and Papades in Northern Evia, there is the petrified forest of Kerasia which is one of the few European petrified forests.

West of the village of Kerasia, in Psili Rachi, lies this enchanting place with an age of up to 20,000,000 years and paths that will take you to prehistory.

Drymonas waterfalls in Northern Evia

Καταρράκτης στο Δρυμώνα Εύβοιας

Drymonas waterfalls in Northern Evia

In a very lush natural environment and at an altitude of 600 meters are the waterfalls of Drymonas, 42 km from Prokopi. Τhe largest waterfall has a height of 15 meters while the smaller ones just a few centimeters.

The nearest villages that can be used as a starting point for those that want to pay a visit to the Drymonas Waterfalls are the villages of Kerasia, Drymonas, Papades and Rovies.

Therma Loutra beach in Ilia, Evia

Παραλία Θερμά Λουτρά στα Ήλια Εύβοιας

Therma Loutra beach in Ilia, Evia

Ilia is a beautiful and quiet fishing village of North Evia. It belongs to the Municipality of Istiaia – Edipsos and is 98 km from Chalkida, 52 km from Prokopi and only 11 km from Edipsos.

Approaching the thermal spring, the sea temperature rises while due to the mix with the sea water the sea temperature varries. The water temperature as it gushes from the spring is greater than 60 degrees Celsius and you can hardly touch it.

Vlachia beach

Παραλία Βλαχιά

Vlachia beach

The Aegean beach of Vlachia of the Municipality of Limni – Mantoudi – Agia Anna in Northern Evia, is located at just 23 km from Prokopi.

An exceptionally clean beach with crystal clear waters and surrounded by pine trees. Along the beach there are taverns and canteens.

The beach has thick sand that gives its place to thin pebbles as you approach the water.