“SAINT JOHN THE RUSSIAN” ecclesiastical candlemaker’s

The candlemakers produce pure-wax candles for the Holy Shrine and the other churches and shrines of the Chalkis ecclesiastical area.

The candlemaker’s is housed in the former hermitage and the continuous production of candles ensures a constant supply to the holy sites.

Administration of the Ecclesiastical Foundation

Oversight of the Holy Shrine of “SAINT JOHN THE RUSSIAN” is undertaken by a five-member ecclesiastical committee:His Eminence the Metropolitan bishop and four other high-ranking members of the clergy, each appointed for a three-year term, on the basis of their ethos, spirtiual training, maturity and their interest in the work of the Foundation and the local church.


Prokopi Evia Postal Code: 34004
Phone: +30 2227041462, +30 2227041209
Fax +30 2227041308
Administrator: Fr. Ioannis Gekas